It’s not a look, It’s a feeling.



I know I’m not only speaking for myself when I say how weird of a feeling it is to be sitting down and writing on behalf of my sister and her wild dream turned to reality. Even weirder to stare at the rack of bikinis that she poured her heart & soul into, finally ready to show you all.

With the personality of a firecracker, she had always planned on becoming a lawyer. After her first day in a business law class, her professor referred to her as the bimbo in the back…  She enrolled in fashion school the following week. Fast-forward some years + here she is. She sat at the same desk I’m writing from where she was absolutely terrified to make a move on this journey…  So, she did the only logical thing she could think of –she took two years off, started waitressing again, ended a long-term relationship and left town every chance she possibly could. Sounds dramatic, but it happened like that & it got her to where she is now. I saw her transform into a completely new person, more strong and resilient than I had ever seen her. And with that came DARLIN’.

Her vision was not only to create a suit that fit like a glove AND keep the heads turned (that’s obvious), but to create a feeling she hopes you all get when you put them on. Bikini wearin’ is a way of life for her. She wants you to know the feeling of getting a good suit…  and never wanting to take that sucker off because it makes you feel too damn good. Her suits do this for me, + I think the majority will feel it too.

Here are, in her summed up words, the message behind the brand:

“This life is short, we need to take a breath, slow down + get outside. Don’t give a shit about how perfect you look or where you might be going. I am a changed person because I did just that. Take these bikinis on a ride and wear em’out. Be a little wild. They are meant to be lived in. Hell change them out for your bra.. I did that months ago. Feel confident and ready for any adventure that is thrown at you. I don’t think you will regret it. I sure don’t.”

Watching this woman create this brand from the ground up has been nothing short of inspirational. I’m honored to be her sister to say the least & I hope you all get a taste of her badass personality through these small, handmade extensions of herself…