This brand was cultivated from a brief dream that turned into a life experience. Born in a small town in California & inspired by new - but mostly old - generations. These are exclusive and custom one-off prints with designs curated for the gals who handle their own – the strong, messy, wild & real ones who aren’t afraid to set themselves apart from the others. Originally started in 2017 and finally brought to life in 2019. Made with luxury fabrics and trims brought to Los Angeles to be cut & sewn into soft, sturdy, and well-constructed garments. Each piece hand made and handled with the utmost care. All to come back to the small town they were created in, and soon to be to you.


Darlin’ uses three different factories in the Los Angeles area for sewing & cutting. Having been around these factories for a few years, I have to say it is my favorite part of this industry. You can sit down at a desk and design all day, but nothing beats meeting the hands that cut and sew these products. It is an art. The fabric is handled with the best care, cut into pieces and bundled to go off to sewing. There each piece goes through many different machines to be finished, inspected, and bagged. Sounds smooth… but it’s never that easy. 99.9% of the time, things do not go the way they were supposed to & that is why above all else, the people make it the best part of all of this. We spend more time together fixing the issues and being in fight or flight than calm and collected...by far. Shit hits the fan and these are the times you find out just how valuable these people are. It’s always a challenge and it’s one of the sole reasons I continued this journey. From meeting me at 7am on saturday mornings, to being at the end of the line waiting to tag and bag… I am actually writing this in the production line while waiting for my last few pieces to be pulled off the line for the launch… like I said, it never goes smooth and as per usual, I am fighting the clock to make it happen.

So like I said, it’s love. Without them, these bikinis would never be here. They have all gone the extra mile to help me, have cut or sewn each piece with such care, worked extra hours, fixed the issues with a smile, and actually encouraged me to keep going. They do it all & I’m just a real sucker for em’.


Short and sweet – you gotta touch this fabric. Shipped from Italy, it is luxury in all it’s glory. It holds it’s shape, fits like a glove, and remains soft day in and day out. No stretching or color fading.... I swear this fabic has butter in it. Once you get your hands on one of these suits, it will all make sense. Bikinis are meant to be lived in in my book – this fabric makes you want just that. Don’t just judge a book by it’s cover.. dive in first and you will get what I mean.